Take 2 – Penny Smith

By Penny Smith

July 23, 2012

Last month, I did a layout, where the embellishment and things were lined up about a third from the left. It was a springboard for a layout I did THIS month!

Following that same line of thinking/creating, I then came up with this:

So, it’s not a “copy”. Might even be hard to see how one influenced the other, without pointing it out-but that is the way I prefer to be inspired…

And though I am completely addicted to the “design triangle” (Still there subtlely – see it there with the brads??) It isn’t as obvious in this layout or my inspiration layout. It is more “linear”. Eye travels down-the banners lead you that way in both layouts. What I also liked about this type of layout is the opportunity to really pack the little embellishments and details in the space! They aren’t filling the page, but there are plenty!

So what was the last layout of yours that inspired you to “Take 2” or gave you an idea that resulted in another page?

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