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Easy Ribbon Tutorial

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to share a ribbon tutorial with you. I had posted this tutorial on my own blog about a year ago, but I still get lots of questions asking how I do this. So I thought I would share it again with all of you.

For this technique, you will need:

1. Permanent Adhesive (I use the Permanent AdTech Glue Runner from Wal Mart)(Helmar adhesive would work great for this as well.)
2. Ribbon of your choice
3. Scissors
4. Staples/Sewing (optional)

First, I like to take my glue runner and lay down 2 strips of adhesive from one side of the card to the next. I do this directly on top of each other to give me a wide area of adhesive for the ribbon to adhere to:

Next, I leave the ribbon attached to the spool until I am ready to cut it off at the end, which you will see later in the tutorial. I do this because there is no exact measurement that you will need. It will all depend on the distance you are going and how much ribbon you like. I like to start on the left hand side of whatever I am working on. You will take the end of the ribbon and adhere it down about half way up the wide strip of adhesive at the very edge of your card. Press down to secure.

Now, going the other direction, lay your ribbon as show and press down to secure.

You will want to go in a back and forth motion and overlap a little each time. This overlapping will help to hide any adhesive from showing through.

I like to vary the length of mine up a bit for added interest and to make it easier on me! LOL

Once you get to the end, it will look like this…

From here, you will want to cut your ribbon from the spool leaving about 1 and 1/2″…

Fold over…

Then you will want to adhere it all the way to the far edge like you did at the beginning of the technique; keeping in mind to leave about half of the adhesive showing. Press down to adhere.

Then, I like to use my fingers to press down the middle of the ribbon to secure everything really well…

Voila’! You are done!!!

The permanent adhesive will hold this on it’s own, but I have also added staples and stitching to the center for extra added interest and security.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! I promise, this is so simple and so fun!!! Give it a try on your cards, layouts, or altered projects today! Happy Scrappin’!

handmade tags

If you’re anything like me, you save everything. Especially that “free chipboard” that comes with your clothes. And the nicer brands have sturdy, heavy weight tags on their items.

To make your own HANDMADE BY… tags out of recycled clothing tags you will need:
Tags from clothes
A glue stick or tape runner
Twine or ribbon
Journal spots
Paper piercer tool
X-Acto knife
Emery board or sandpaper

Adhere the paper to both sides of the tag with your adhesive. Trim the edges with an X-Acto knife then file/sand down with the emery board or sandpaper for a smooth edge.

Pierce the paper where the original tag’s hole was. Run ribbon or twine through the hole. Tie a bow or knot.

Place the journal spot and write your message, in this case, it is “HANDMADE BY….”

You can personalize it by adding more embellishments. I used ribbon, a dress form stamp from Stampin Up and some pearls from Prima.

When I saw the dress form sheet from Cosmo Cricket’s Material Girl line, I knew I was going to use this paper slowly so that I could get the most out of it. I couldn’t possibly have used it in smaller pieces. 🙂

Make some tags with the scraps you have left from the February kit before that March kit hits your doorstep! Show us what you make!! Upload your creations to the Scrapbook Circle Gallery!

Thanks for stopping by today!
-Diana F.

tip of the day…..

I wanted to talk about glitter today. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it because of the bling and just awesomeness of the gleam. The hate part comes in with the mess. So, I challenged myself when I made this layout to use glitter on my black letters.
1. I sanded my letters a little bit.
2. I added my wet adhesive.
3. I added my glitter, I waited for the adhesive to dry.
4. I shook off the excess glitter and added wet adhesive over the top covering the glitter.
The experiment worked! No more messy lovely glitter everywhere! **If you don’t have wet adhesive you can also use spray adhesive.**

So if you are like me and have a “stash” of glitter gathering dust. Don’t be afraid of it! Use it! 🙂

March Kit Peeks!

We are very excited to share our March kit with you! Once again, we’ve packed the kit with lots of brand new items we know you will love.

Here’s a little look at what you have to look forward to in March.We are bringing October Afternoon Fly a Kite, Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety and My Mind’s Eye Quite Contrary to you along with some great new embellishments from Jillibean Soup, Jenni Bowlin and more.

The full kit will be posted later this week!

Just one more little peek for you…our April kit is going to be filled with goodies from the new Dear Lizzy line!

Yet another money saving tip!

Hi! I was so excited about the last post about making my own glue dots (though I didn’t have time to get to Hobby Lobby today — next week), that I wanted to share another money-saving tip that has helped me.

I own a Silhouette (die-cutting machine). I know many of you have Cricuts, Wishblades, and other such things. One thing I hate is spending money on more and more cutting mats! After a few months (or weeks depending on my cutting rate), the mats are no longer sticky and the paper slides all over. But, they can be so expensive. So, I did some research and some experimenting. This is what I came up with and … so far so good.
I got some Krylon Easy Tack RE-POSITIONABLE adhesive spray. It has to be that, and not the permanent adhesive. Then, I take an old mat that no longer has any stick left on it. I do this outside (fumes). I give it a generous coat and let it dry for an hour or so. Then, it is a sticky (or stickier) as the day I bought it! And, I’m sure I will have DOZENS of applications out of each can. (Use a coupon and it is about $4.). After that I cover it with wax paper (unless I have my original cover still, which I loose frequently).
After trial and error, I found that two generous coats was a little much, but one small coat was not enough. So, depending on how sticky you like your mats, take that into consideration!
Enjoy and happy cutting!

Money Saving Tip

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! Today I have a great money saving tip, that I discovered a few years ago, that I would like to share with you. I know for many of us money is tight these days and if there is any way to save money, we need to do so. This is a great way to help save some pennies when it comes to your scrappy purchases!!!

Do you ever get tired of purchasing those expensive glue dots? Well, no longer my friends! You can make your own a whole lot cheaper!!!

You will need:
1 bottle of Aleene’s Tack It Over & Over Glue
leftover roll from glue dots package or wax paper

You can purchase this glue at any arts and crafts store for around $5. I purchased mine at Michael’s. I have found that I can make anywhere from 7-10 sets of over 200 dots from one bottle of glue! That’s A LOT of glue dots for a small price!

Now, you will want to place the glue onto wax paper or leftover packaging from a roll of glue dots. I chose to save some of the packaging from a previous roll of glue dots that I had purchased so that I could roll up my homemade glue dots when dried and store. You can use wax paper, but I find the leftover packaging works a tad better. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the paper. You will want to squeeze out a little bit bigger of a dot than you want your finished product to be because the glue will shrink just a tad during the drying process. The glue comes out of the bottle white, but the dots will turn clear as they dry. Let this sit overnight and voila’….affordable glue dots! They work great too!

I hope you will find this to be as helpful and cost effective as I have!!! Have a wonderful day!

journaling spots in the spotlight

Some of you may have seen this page already on my blog or on the Scrapbook Circle community gallery page. I got a little crazy layering up all of the very spring-like pages in the February kit.

I wanted to focus on the journal spots for today. I know sometimes we have a lot more to say than the small journal spot will allow us room for. I went ahead and clumped them all together and made my bullet points on each one.

Sometimes (and this is a tough one for me) it is OK to be messy with your journaling. I’m the one who will rip a page up and start over if at the very end I mess up the handwriting.

But on this page, it was OK. I was purposely misspelling words and showing how imperfect I can be, so the messiness went with the topic.

So let’s see those journal spots!

tip of the day…..

I wanted to share a video I made this morning making yet another EASY altered flower. Enjoy!

Making Butterflies

My new found hobby has to do with my Silhouette cutting machine! I found a great butterfly shape and decided to make my own 3-d Butterfly shapes. It is SO easy.

Here is a picture of the finished product:1) Cut out the shape. I did this with my Silhouette about three different sizes. I’m sure there are plenty of butterfly shapes for the Cricut, and also punches if you want, or free-hand it!
2) Following the advice I got first hand from Donna Downey at CHA, I then spritzed the butterfly and got it damp.
3) I folded the butterfly wings up on each side, leaving a flat area (the body) for the bling.
4) Then, I used my hair dryer on hot and blew the shape dry with the wings folded up. Donna said that if you wet the paper and then make it into the shape you want and then use a heat gun (which I don’t have) to dry it, that it will stay in that position!
5) After it was all dry, I added a pop-dot underneath and some little bling on the butterfly body! And, I was DONE!
Here’s the whole layout, with all three butterflies. (Can you see all three?)
Have fun!!!!

Happy Friday!

How is everyone? Getting ready for a fun weekend? I know that I am! 🙂 I’ve been playing with the Scrapbook Circle February kit all day and soon I’ll be going to bed to rest up for a busy busy weekend with my family and friends!

Here are two more layouts that I have completed with the February kit. As you can see, I used a ton of product on these layouts and I still have lots left over!

I have been waiting in suspense to see what everyone creates with their own February kits. Make sure to upload all of your projects into the Scrapbook Circle gallery so we can all admire your work!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 🙂