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A different kind of Christmas layout

So, we’ve all done the layouts of Christmas morning — the pj’s, the gifts, etc. This year, I thought I’d do a different kind of layout. I took pictures of some of my favorite Christmas ornaments. We collect Christmas ornaments from everywhere we travel, so each one has a memory of a fun trip behind it. As we hang each ornament, we remember that trip and the occasion that brought us there. The kids love all the ornaments from all over the US and some from around the world!

Color Combos

I LOVE to look at creations with amazing color combos. Something about beautiful contrast and tones just jumps out at me. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at creating color combinations. I just happened to stumble across this fabulous blog on the ning network: Color Combos Galore. A new challenge is posted each Monday and you have until Sunday evening to post your creations. There are currently 97 color combos to browse through and you still have time to enter your creation for color combo 98. This would be such a fun way to use up any of those scraps you have left over from your SC kits.

I hope this gives you something fun and inspirational to do over the long weekend! Happy scrappin’!


As we celebrate this day with family and friends I wanted to do a layout that reflected what I am thankful for…the little things!
For me at this moment I am thankful for:
4. JAVA (STARBUCKS!!!) Something I can’t live without!
As with Diana’s Challenge this month, don’t be afraid to use the “unexpected in your layouts.” Here I used the Starbucks logo from the cardboard wrap they put around the coffee cup. It is a perfect example to show how much I love my Java!! Sometimes my layouts just take on a life of their own and with this one I was just carefree! A lot of layering and a lot of embellishments!!
I hope you have a SAFE and HAPPY Thanksgiving! Not only am I thankful for the wonderful gifts above but I am thankful to have met so many talented women this year from Scrapbook Circle who love this awesome craft!

Getting Inspiration Elsewhere…

and sharing it here with you! I found this little project on making a Thankful Album the other day and thought it would be the perfect thing for my daughter and I to work on, and it’s just in time for the upcoming holiday as well! To check it out click here.

Speaking of being thankful…what is something that you are thankful for this year? I am thankful for so much, but most of all for the health of my loved ones and that I get to see family this year over the holidays! Please share what it is that you are thankful for this year!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

Peppermint Dreams is UP!

Our December kit {Peppermint Dreams} is now up for your viewing pleasure! I have had so much fun creating with this kit and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Thought I’d share a few detailed shots of the kit.

Notice the green Bazzil cardstock in the lower section of the photo. It’s the new dotted swiss cardstock that has embossed polka dots covering the entire paper. Love it!
Have you ever used this Prima tape? It is a clear tape with a black image printed on it. Seriously fun to use.
I used the Prima tape on this layout under the photo of my daughter.
I also used the Prima tape here on the cover of this 25 Days of December album. (More photos of the album are coming soon.) It’s perfect for layering with patterned paper and embellishments.
I also used the tape on this page of my 25 days album along with the Pink Paislee paper from the Tinsel Town Kit. I really love how well the Tinsel Town kit coordinates so well with the Peppermint Dreams kit.
The October Afternoon stickers are adorable and packed with options. AND the Heidi Swapp glossy extras are so bright and cheery.
We don’t want to forget about the paper! We’ve included 10 sheets of patterned paper this month and they are all double-sided. So many options. We also have paper add-ons, so you can have plenty of paper for all of your holiday crafting.
The reverse sides of the paper…If you want to be sure to get one of these kits, just check out here through November and put PEPPERMINT DREAMS kit in the notes at checkout. The buy buttons will be up on the kit December 1st.

I also have a special suprise gift that will be shipped with each of these kits. More details coming soon!

Having fun with the Dec. Kit

Hi everyone, Candace here, and I am having so much fun working with the Scrapbook Circle December Kit! Last week we had a surprise dusting of snow on Friday morning, causing an unnecessary 2-hour delay in school, much to the delight of my kids. One of the papers in the kit was just perfect for these snow pictures (Heidi Swapp’s Pink Snow Storm). While the snow wasn’t pink, my daughter’s jacket certainly is!

I used some Martha Stewart glitter on my punched out snowflakes (a MS punch). And I also sprinkled some of her “Snow” glitter along the “snow” on the paper.

On another note, has anyone ever heard of Lighted Tree Balls? They are becoming quite popular here in Greensboro, NC. Here’s a link with a tutorial on how to make them (and the “tips” will show you how to hang them in your trees): Lighted Tree Balls. I have unsuccessfully tried to photograph the neighborhood where these originated… it is really beautiful to see entire streets with these balls suspended in the trees. I bought mini lights years ago, planning to make some… now I just need chicken wire and extention cords… and a willing husband to help me hang them! If I make them this year, I promise to post pictures (and please let me know if you make them)! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tip of the day……

I think it’s important to have the correct tools when you work on anything whether it be crafting, cooking, or fixing your car. Here are the top 6 things (sorry I tried to narrow it down to 5 but couldn’t!) I grab for most every time I create:

Crop-a-dile, I love that it’s quiet, no pounding and it punches through most anything!

I call this my x-box! 🙂 It’ perfect for all of those little letters or embellishments that you either want permanently or semi-permanentely adhered to your projects. (**I LOVE this for my 1″ letters that I cut from my cricut**) I belive the little hole will compensate for 2″
These little Cutter Bees are sharp! (They come with a cover) They are excellent for detailed cutting. I even have a pair that are non stick for easy cleaning and cutting through stickers.I LOVE this stuff! It glues metal, chipboard, beads, it’s just great! And the best part? It’s quick drying!
My trimmer is probably the thing I grab first every time I make anything. This trimmer I like because it folds in half, has a magnetic strip to hold things in place, measures so you can cut prescisley, and favorite part? Self sharpening blade! No more buying replacement blades!My cricut….I should name it, (it has it’s own dust cover). There are so many things you can do with it, I love the fact that I can cut letters out of any paper I want. And the cartridges are varied enough not to be exactly the same. (it helps when you have friends who have different cartridges and you can share…)

These are my favorites, they work for me and make creating enjoyable! Enjoy!

Involve your kids this year…………………………

My mom saved everything I made as a kid. Every year at Christmas our tree was decorated with tons of ornaments from pre-school and elementary school. Personally, I thought it was the most beautiful tree in the world. We started baking the day after Thanksgiving. I remember coming home after school before break to the smell of goodies baking and the sound of Bing Crosby. This year I want to get my kids involved with many aspects of Christmas-from baking to making cards. I want to give them a more hands-on experience. There are so many fabulous things you can create with your kids during this time of year. And of course, the messier, the better! Here are just a few of the things we are going to try this year-

Wreath Christmas Card

What You Need
white card stock cut to 5 ½” x 8 ½”
leaf and berry stamps
green and red stamp pads
glue dot adhesive
12” of ¼” red ribbon
What You Do
Fold white cardstock in half.
Stamp leaf images randomly in a circular pattern on white card stock. By stamping two or three times before re-inking, you get increasingly lighter shades of the ink color, which creates depth and shading.
Stamp berries on wreath.
Loosely loop ribbon to make bow. Mount at top of wreath with glue dot.
Fingerprint Reindeer Family Holiday Card

What You Need
white card stock cut to 5 ½” x 8 ½”
brown and red stamp pads
red and brown markers
“Season’s Greetings” stamp
What You Do
Fold cardstock in half.
Stamp fingerprints in center of card front.
Draw antlers and eyes with brown marker and nose with red marker.
Stamp greeting in red.

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

What you’ll need:
1 jumbo craft stick
5 regular craft sticks
Green and brown craft paint
12” yarn or ribbon
1 gold glittery chenille stem
½ silver glittery chenille stem
25-30 colored sequins
White craft glue
How to make it:
Cut one of the regular craft sticks in half. Put aside.
Cut half an inch off of each end of two of the regular craft sticks, discard cut ends.
Paint the jumbo craft stick brown.
Paint the uncut craft sticks (2), the half craft stick pieces (2), and the trimmed craft sticks (2) the color green. Allow all craft sticks to dry.
Glue the green craft sticks horizontally onto the brown craft stick (trunk), starting with the longest sticks at the bottom and working your way upward. Try to space them out evenly. Allow the glue to dry.
Bend silver chenille stem into the shape of a star. Trim excess if needed.
Cut the gold chenille stem into four pieces, each one smaller than the other (4.5”, 3.5”, 2.5”, 1.5”).
Curve each of the gold chenille stems and glue them onto the tree as garland. Start at the bottom, gluing the longest piece in place. Next, move up and glue the second longest piece, and so on.
Glue the silver chenille star to the top of the tree.
Use the white craft glue bottle tip to dot on glue in various spots on the green craft sticks. Place sequins onto the glue dots and set aside to dry.
Turn the ornament over and glue a looped piece of yarn onto the back for the hanger.

Toffee Candy

1 cup pecans, coarsely chopped
Cookie Layer:
½ cup unsalted butter
½ cup sugar
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1½ cups all-purpose flour
⅛ teaspoon salt
½ cup unsalted butter
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup chocolate chips
Cooking Instructions
Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Toast pecan pieces on jelly roll pan 12 minutes or until lightly toasted and fragrant.
In large bowl beat butter with an electric mixer on medium until smooth. Add sugar. Beat until combined, scraping side of bowl occasionally. Beat in egg yolk until combined.
Add flour and salt. Beat until combined, scraping down side of bowl occasionally.
Between two sheets of waxed paper or plastic wrap with a rolling pin roll the dough to a 12-inch-by-9-inch rectangle. Transfer dough to a cookie sheet
Bake 20 minutes, or until lightly browned. Remove cookie sheet to cooling rack and let cool completely.
In a medium pot bring brown sugar and butter to a boil. Boil, stirring occasionally 5 minutes. Immediately spread over cooled cookie.
Sprinkle chocolate chips over toffee. Put back in oven 5 minutes or until chocolate is melted. Spread melted chocolate chips over the toffee and immediately sprinkle nuts.
Put in freezer for at least 30 minutes. Break candy into desired size pieces.
Any toasted nut can be sprinkled on top of the chocolate layer.
Storage Tips
Ready In:
1 hour 20 minutes
Enjoy creating this year!!

Create a Holiday Banner…

I knew I was going to love this kit when I got it in the mail! It is PACKED FULL of wonderful goodies…including the chipboard pieces to create any type of banner. This was my first one to create and I had so much fun doing it! I made this for my daughter’s room for the holidays…she has a cute pink feathered tree in her room and the patterned paper from Heidi Swapp’s Winter Fresh Line goes perfect with it!

I used a variety of embellishments I had on hand, plus the October Afternoon stickers included in the kit. Love them!

I couldn’t do a project without a little doodling…so I took the star from the November kit gave it a little flair!

I love the Prima transparency tape…here I placed it over a strip of cardstock and trimmed around the edges to give that extra pop of texture and color!

The glitter pixee stixs from Pink Paislee are fabulous! I’ve been using them on almost every layout so far!

Here again was the Prima Transparent Tape!!! I know we all having been drooling over it! It pretty much works on anything! And you can’t forget about the Stickles! I outlined the “Y” letter to make it pop a little more against the already white background!

I can’t wait to see your creations with this kit! You will LOVE what you can create with this other than your layouts!

Have fun and happy scrappin’!

Jennifer Y.

Holiday Cocoa & Treat Bags

Has anyone started their holiday crafting yet? I have! Just thought I’d share a super easy trick to make some super cute and festive goodies to give for those little, last minute gift ideas that always seem to creep up on us around the holiday season.

Cocoa mixes are on sale here so I loaded up on several boxes of the ones sold in individual packets and found some small zip-lock baggies at my local dollar store. I simply opened each packet of cocoa and poured contents into each baggie, sealed and covered the top with patterned paper that I used adhesive on, folded and then stapled (with colored staples) to secure. Then I embellished however I saw fit with scalloped circles, stamps, ribbons, etc!

A super fun and easy way to get started on your holiday crafting! =) Have fun and please share your holiday projects with us all as well! The more ideas shared, the better!

Jen Davis